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 AIA Home Loan



Introducing AIA Home Loan - a fixed rate home loan with interest rate that does not change throughout the life of the loan. Homeowners can spread out payment for expensive purchases by making smaller, predictable amount over a long period of time. Because the interest rate does not change, Homeowners are protected from sudden increases in monthly mortgage payments should interest rates rise.

AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan is a home financing solution, for new purchases as well as refinancing of existing property loan. Buying your dream home is one of the most important decisions you will likely make and choosing the right home loan solution that best suits your needs is the key to ensure your long term peace of mind.



Entry Age: 18 - 70 YEARS
Loan Duration: 5 - 35 YEARS
Minimum Loan Amount: RM100,000
Minimum Property Value: RM200,000


AIA Home Loan

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You will know how much to pay
Home is where the heart is. In this fact paced day and age, we all want to have a home and haven for our family. A place of love, comfort and security for the family. However, life is never a series of predictable events. While some problems and setbacks are easily overcome, many others may not be. Oftentimes, external circumstances will disrupt out routine lifestyle and comfort zones. We may be forced to give up part of our lifestyle that we treasured as well as our comforts in life.

Helping you secure your home
With AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan, you will always know exactly what your home loan repayments are. You will even increase your household savings at a time when others may be digging in their pockets to cover their revised home loan repayments.

How does the AIA Home Loan help you own a home with total peace of mind?
If you currently have a home loan with a financial institute that is pegged to the Base Rate (BR) or Base Lending Rate (BLR), then you will know that the rate has increased and effectively your home loan repayments have also increased. With AIA Home Loan, you are guaranteed* that the monthly instalments are fixed and you will own your house at the end of the tenure.

At AIA Malaysia, we guarantee* you an interest rate that is fixed for the entire tenure of the loan. You do not have to worry about the fluctuations in the BR/BLR. When you subscribed to an AIA Home Loan, we fix your installment and the tenure of the loan. By paying your fixed installment monthly, you will own your home at the end of the tenure.

*Terms & Conditions apply

AIA Home Loan


AIA Malaysia is offering three fixed rate home loan packages to homeowners as below:


AIA Home Loan

*Terms & Conditions apply


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